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Under the direction of the Welding Lead, the responsibilities of the Welder / Fabricator position include fitting and joining, fabricating, and repairing metal and other weldable material by applying appropriate welding techniques in accordance with product specifications and production schedules. As a Welder, you will work in coordination with the Shift Supervisor and other senior management to ensure that the entire customer product is fit and Welded to the specifications of each job and meets the outlined requirements. Consistent production of quality UT passable welds. Maintain production level as determined by the production supervisor.


High School Diploma or GED required. Incumbent must possess a minimum of 1-2 years’ welding experience.  Equivalent combination of education and experience is acceptable.  Overhead and Jib crane experience needed.


The ideal incumbent must possess:

  1. Passing 2G test, T-Joint test and Carbon Air Arc test results
  2. Knowledge of a variety of welder concepts, practices and procedures.
  3. Knowledge and understanding of welding symbols, welding diagrams, read blueprints, and/or other printed instructional material in the welding of products or parts.
  4. Ability to use welding equipment such as torches, torch tips, and Air Arc
  5. Ability to use temperature sticks and welding fillet gauges
  6. Ability to weld with flux core and metal core wire
  7. Ability to work in extreme temperatures (sometimes due to season)
  8. Ability to work additional hours, as needed.


  1. Ability to performing welding duties using a wire welder.
  2. Ability to weld steel components with welding equipment as specified by layouts, engineering drawings, work orders, or verbal instructions.
  3. Ability to weld in various directions: flat and horizontal.
  4. Ability to perform a variety of specific welder tasks, such as, set-up, laying out work using jigs/fixtures or hand layouts to fabricate parts and/or rework finished products.
  5. Ability to work with fitters or fitters/welders to assist in the fabrication or welding of multi-component parts.
  6. Ability to operate forklifts, hoists, hand power tools, slings, grinders, cutting torch, and other hand tools related to the job’s needs.
  7. Ability to inspect and correct welds as necessary to meet product specifications.
  8. Ability to examine work pieces for defects and measure work pieces with straightedges or templates to ensure conformance with specifications.
  9. Ability to perform job-specific procedures, such as, clamping, holding, tack-welding, heat bending, grinding, or bolting component parts to obtain required configurations and positions.
  10. Ability to read, understand and follow job order specifications engineering drawings, and/or work orders.
  11. Demonstrated willingness to cross-train and perform the work of other job tasks in addition to the primary assigned position.
  12. Ability to maintain functionality of equipment.
  13. Ability to maintain quality welds and UT passable welds.
  14. Ability to maintain production level as determined by supervisor.
  15. Must display a positive attitude and willingness to learn and participate in a changing environment to reach a common goal.
  16. Must maintain production and quality of finished products.
  17. Must operate equipment safely and maintain safe working habits.
  18. Must be able to perform a variety of other tasks as assigned.

The above statements are intended to be a representative summary of the major duties and responsibilities performed by incumbents of this job.  The incumbents will be requested to perform job-related tasks other than those stated in this description.


  1. Weld test will be administered
  2. Follow all MICA Steelworks Programs/Policies
  3. Practice good housekeeping (keep area clean/organized)
  4. Demonstrate willingness to work with others in a team environment.


1.     High School Diploma or GED a plus

2.     Up to 2 years welding experience or related field required

3.     Ability to read blueprints with knowledge of welding symbols

4.     Basic math skills with ability to read tape measure


1.     Full time shop exposure.

2.     Extreme temperatures. (Sometimes due to season).

3.     No travel requirements.

4.     Perform work standing up for 8-10 hours per day and up to 6 days a week.

5.     Good vision, hearing, smell and balance.

6.     Must be able to frequently lift and/or move up to 75 lbs.

7.     Ability to stand, bend, stoop, squat or kneel regularly as well as climb stairs and ladders.

8.    Must wear OSHA required PPE equipment while working, including OSHA approved welding hood, if welding

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