MICA Steelworks is the leader manufacturer for Specialty Lattice Towers for major Utilities across the United States. Utilizing its lengthy manufacturing experience has won customers’ confidence for the manufacturing of these versatile structures.

MICA will assess your requirements, will guide to the best options for your budget and use.

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Lattice Mast is a widely used and versatile solution tower.

It is used in Transmission, Distribution and Substations sites.

It is also used in Telecommunications.

Lattice Mast is popular because it has a comparable footprint to a pole, weighs approximately 20% less, it generally uses less concrete and can be pre-assembled at our plant in subunits for easy transport and trouble-free installation.

Lattice Masts are bolted structures so there is no welding involved. Environmentally friendlier as they have a much smaller “carbon footprint” than welded pole structures.

The Lattice Mast is a great option when looking for a valued priced solution.

When storms or other natural disasters hit MICA’s personnel will be available 24/7 to receive its customer’s equipment needs.

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