MICA Steelworks Engineering department personnel have over 76 years of combined direct experience in the Steel Structural Design of Electric Utility Transmission, Distribution, and Substation industries.

MICA Steelworks Engineering staff are all Civil/Structural engineers, two of which hold Professional Engineering license (P.E.). Our V.P. of Engineering is a Committee member of ASCE-48 (Design of Steel Transmission Pole Structures as well as a member of American Welding Society (AWS)), which allows our engineers to have firsthand knowledge of the design of structures in the industries MICA Steelworks serves.

MICA Steelworks experienced engineers perform the Structural Analysis and Design of steel tapered tubular and standard shapes for Transmission, Distribution and Substation structures. They routinely design various Transmission structures such as Single Pole, Guyed Pole, H-Frame, A-Frame, and various Substation structures such as Switch Stand, Box Structures, different types of Bus Supports, CCVT Stand, Surge Arrester Support, and Shield Wire Mast.

For all our projects, engineers perform Structural Analysis and Design utilizing Power Line Systems® software to meet our customers’ specifications as well as the industries’ standard specifications such as ASCE-48, ASCE-113, ASCE-74, NESC, NEMA, AISC and various RUS Bulletins.

Drafting & Detailing

MICA Steelworks drafting department has over 100 years of combined direct experience in the steel structural drafting of Transmission, Distribution, and Substation industries.

MICA Steelworks Drafting department is always up to date utilizing the latest version of parametric 3D Solid Modeling with Autodesk Inventor. Using the latest software from Autodesk and a strong sense of teamwork, our team can produce product models and fabrication drawings to a high degree of accuracy.  Accuracy that allows us to identify potential physical design issues, before reaching the production phase for a given product. It also affords us a level of functionality that allows us to be far more efficient and productive.  The 3D Solid Modeling process contributes to our products quality, efficiency, and productivity.

Our Design and Drafting processes are routinely evaluated and optimized with productivity gains in our Engineering/Drafting, Project Management, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, QA/QC and Customer Service and Support.

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