Highway Sign Structures

MICA Steelworks has been fabricating steel highway structures for over 30 years. Our highway products include high-mast lighting poles and overhead sign structures.

Our Product Offerings Include:

  • Cantilever Overhead Sign Structures (COSS)
  • Overhead Sign Bridges (OSB)
  • Balanced Tee Structures for Roadways and Electronic Messaging Boards
  • Traffic Monitoring Structures
  • Toll Monitoring Structures
  • Camera and Monitoring Poles

To address your transportation product needs, we can fabricate:

  • Multi-sided Tubular Poles
  • I-Beam and Angle Trusses
  • Pipe and four-sided Tubular Structures
  • Spans for concrete or other support structures

Per your specific project requirements, finishes include:

  • Galvanized
  • Painted
  • Paint-over-galvanized
  • Powder coating

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